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RealVNC's year in review and what comes next

RealVNC® Ltd 23 Dec 2021

The year 2021 has been a very exciting and productive one for us. Here are some of this year’s highlights for RealVNC

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Flexible working is here to stay

Bogdan Bele 16 Dec 2021

The pandemic has changed the way we work, forcing companies to adjust their businesses so that employees can perform their tasks in a safe manner. Of course, no one could have predicted that.

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How can remote access save the day for healthcare IT professionals?

Bogdan Bele 19 Nov 2021

In healthcare, most critical devices are deployed in the field – be it at practices, hospitals or even in patients’ homes.

Some of them are in protected areas, while others are deployed across a.

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How to use screen recording in VNC Connect

Bogdan Bele 11 Nov 2021

As we've recently announced in our latest update, screen recording is now part of VNC Connect!

Read on to find out how to capture your great work in no time!

There are many use cases for this.

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Screen recording now available in VNC Connect

Bogdan Bele 28 Oct 2021

Screen recording is the newest addition to VNC Connect's list of features, as part of the software's new version. The list of situations in which you can use a screen recorder is virtually.

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VNC Connect - the star of the show in entertainment

Bogdan Bele 21 Oct 2021

Entertainment is a field in which computers have taken over more and more. Because of this, remote access software, like VNC Connect™, has a prominent part to play in the industry. Here are some.

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VNC Connect – helping doctors improve patient care in difficult times

Bogdan Bele 14 Oct 2021

VNC Connect™ has always been a great partner to the healthcare industry. Doctors, nurses, other medical professionals and the IT support staff – all are using our technology on a daily basis.


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VNC Connect and architects can have a beautiful friendship

Bogdan Bele 07 Oct 2021
Architecture is a very special field, with particular software tools. Luckily, VNC Connect's flexibility can make an architect's life much easier. It does this by making sure they have access.
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Travel journal - the story of a RealVNC digital nomad

Bogdan Bele 30 Sep 2021
Digital nomads can find a lot of benefits in using VNC Connect as they travel the world (and work while doing it). We practice what we preach here at RealVNC, so here's a travel story from.
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Great Ways RealVNC can help IT professionals in education

Bogdan Bele 23 Sep 2021

The education industry can greatly benefit from remote access software. Educational institutions are adopting a hybrid learning model that enables teachers and students to work from anywhere,.

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