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Tegan Matthews

Recent Posts

VNC vs RDP: which remote desktop tool is the best?

Tegan Matthews 22 Apr 2021


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How to use remote access to overcome barriers to online learning

Tegan Matthews 18 Feb 2021

Technology has become an integral part of modern education, sped considerably by the events of the past year. Traditional classroom methods of teaching and learning are now being facilitated.

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How remote desktop helps schools deliver outstanding online education

Tegan Matthews 21 Jan 2021


Remote desktop is helping students of all ages around the world learn from home. Whether it’s allowing IT technicians to improve support by troubleshooting problems without needing to travel or.

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My company’s transition to full-time remote working: a personal story

Tegan Matthews 02 Apr 2020

As more of Europe started to shut down and move toward home working if possible, we knew that the UK would be next.

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Let's talk about Dave: Working smart at RealVNC

Tegan Matthews 03 Oct 2019



When it comes to remote access, those who work in the creative field are reaping huge benefits and time savings by choosing the right software to help them stay inventive wherever they are..

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