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The future of education: Shifting to e-learning

Bogdan Bele 16 Sep 2021

Education institutions are adapting to the growing needs of the student body by implementing modern teaching and learning methods. E-learning has become the new normal causing management to create.

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Why integrating secure remote access into your product is essential

Bogdan Bele 09 Sep 2021

Secure remote access is a great add-on to your product. An embedded remote access technology will not only allow you to help your customers when they have problems but will also show them your.

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What are the best digital nomad tools and resources?

Bogdan Bele 02 Sep 2021

In our previous article on 'What is a digital nomad and how can VNC technology help?', we detailed what a digital nomad, explained the types of digital nomads, and how VNC Connect’s technology.

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What is a digital nomad and how can VNC technology help?

Bogdan Bele 26 Aug 2021

The term ‘digital nomad’ has gained popularity in the last few years and a large number of people define themselves as such. Software such as VNC Connect have fuelled this transition as they.

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How to use VNC to remotely control a PC from your iPhone

Bogdan Bele 19 Aug 2021

VNC Viewer for iPhone makes it simple to control your Windows, Mac, or Linux machine straight from your iOS smartphone. The VNC Viewer iOS app couldn't be easier to set up and it will help you.

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How to set up VNC Connect on Raspberry Pi

Bogdan Bele 12 Aug 2021

What can you do with a Raspberry Pi, you might ask? The answer is that only your imagination is the limit. The good news is that VNC Connect comes installed on it, as well. That means you can.

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How to set up a Direct Connection

Bogdan Bele 05 Aug 2021

A Direct Connection is something that users in highly secured environments will want to use. This makes sure that none of the transferred data leaves the local network. Here’s how to set one up.

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How to set up a team in VNC Connect

Bogdan Bele 29 Jul 2021

Managing your computers and user permissions will be much easier if you set up a team in VNC Connect. Here’s how to do just that.

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How to use VNC to remote control a PC from your Android smartphone

Bogdan Bele 22 Jul 2021

VNC Viewer for Android is a great way to control a Windows, Mac, or Linux machine, straight from your smartphone. The best part is that the Android VNC app couldn't be easier to set up. Here's how.

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How to set up an Instant Support session with VNC Connect

Bogdan Bele 15 Jul 2021

Instant Support is a great way to connect to a machine on which you are unable to or unwilling to install software. You don't need to install anything and you can provide support in a few seconds. 

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