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Password unprotected - 4 ways to supercharge your security

Eden Jefford 06 Aug 2019

The latest major password hack is in the news, and yet again the security breach was made possible by weak passwords. Somehow, in 2019, many of us are still using the simple passwords we created.

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4 ways remote access can support the future of healthcare

RealVNC® Ltd 23 Jul 2019

Technology is a defining influence in modern medicine and becoming a central pillar of every part of the healthcare ecosystem. It is revolutionizing and making treatments more targeted, more.

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Why schools and universities should adopt a consolidated remote access policy

RealVNC® Ltd 09 Jul 2019



Today’s classrooms are packed with technology, from laptops and tablets, to widescreen televisions and interactive whiteboards. Across the world the fundamental importance of digital learning.

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The Rise of SaaS - Why Software-as-a-Service is better for everyone

Eden Jefford 25 Jun 2019




Over the past few years, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) industry has been booming, with many companies moving over to this structure, or beginning with it in the first place. Gartner.

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Remote access all areas: how help desks can make us all happy

RealVNC® Ltd 11 Jun 2019

The way remote access tech is powering help desks and service centers around the world is really contributing to the sum total of human happiness.

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The Dangers of Open Source VNC-based Software

Eden Jefford 28 May 2019

Everybody loves a freebie, from a sample of chocolate at the mall to a promotional stress ball, but is it always a good idea? When it comes to sweets and sundries, we’re not going to stop you.

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How to get over your remote working guilt

Eden Jefford 26 Apr 2019

Working remotely is becoming increasingly popular, with more and more of the workforce looking for flexibility in their careers. This flexibility can offer reduced levels of stress, higher levels.

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Can remote access technology help us save the world?

Eden Jefford 02 Apr 2019

The environment is of great concern to people all over the world, and companies are more conscious than ever about the carbon footprint they leave on this planet we call home. There are many ways.

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Can remote access help us survive the next generation technology wave?

RealVNC® Ltd 14 Mar 2019

Traditional IT help desk activities are being significantly affected by the rapid advance of the new generation of computing technologies, particularly in the fields of machine learning and.

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4 ways to protect yourself from credential stuffing

Giulia Ceccon 26 Feb 2019

Have you ever heard of credential stuffing? If not, it’s understandable: with so many different threats to online security, it’s hard to keep track of the latest techniques used by cybercriminals.

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