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Is security worth the headache?

Giulia Ceccon 15 Nov 2018



If we could get a dollar every time we hear the word “hacked”, we wouldn’t be here writing this blog, but probably somewhere in the Maldives, thousands of miles away from this keyboard.

It all.

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Infographic: top 5 spookiest cybersecurity threats

Giulia Ceccon 31 Oct 2018

It’s Halloween again, the time of the year where everyone is suddenly into anything spooky. Unfortunately, in the online world there are some truly scary threats lurking all year round that should.

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7 ways social engineering can get you hacked

Giulia Ceccon 30 Oct 2018



When it comes to cybersecurity, humans are the weakest link. This is because, unlike (some) machines, humans are inherently flawed: they have cognitive bias, they make unpredictable mistakes,.

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Outsourcing IT: how to keep in control of your remote access

RealVNC® Ltd 11 Oct 2018

IT is the fastest-growing function being outsourced. A recent study discovered that in 2017, companies were devoting 11.9% of their IT budget to outsourcing, a 1.3% increase from the previous.

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7 simple actions you can take to keep your data private

Giulia Ceccon 04 Oct 2018

Do we really have nothing to hide? This year, notable controversies such as the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal and a number of major data breaches made many people realise that our online.

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How the IoT is changing the world with the help of remote access

RealVNC® Ltd 20 Sep 2018

The Internet of Things (IoT) has arrived, and in the next decade it will revolutionize the world we live in.

The IoT consists of a huge range of devices linked to the internet, returning real time.

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What can Hollywood teach us about remote access security?

RealVNC® Ltd 23 Aug 2018

Businesses today face major digital security risks that range from external hackers to internal theft and data breaches. To counter these threats we are spending billions of dollars every year.

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How much encryption is too much: 128, 256 or 512-bit?

Andy Clark 02 Aug 2018

Because remote access software is designed to take control of devices at other physical locations, security is an extremely important consideration in your overall strategy.

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Why is multi-factor authentication so important to remote access?

RealVNC® Ltd 19 Jul 2018

Passwords are the most commonly used and one of the most vulnerable access control elements of a digital security architecture.

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Four reasons to be happy about GDPR

RealVNC® Ltd 27 Apr 2018

A couple of weeks ago, we notified the Raspberry Pi users of VNC Connect that we will be deactivating the accounts of minors. This measure was taken to comply with the new General Data Protection.

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