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VNC Connect - the star of the show in entertainment

Bogdan Bele | 21 Oct 2021

Entertainment is a field in which computers have taken over more and more. Because of this, remote access software, like VNC Connect™, has a prominent part to play in the industry. Here are some of the instances where it can be the star of the show.vnc connect entertainment

Remote access for theaters

The Royal Shakespeare Company uses VNC Connect to provide support to its employees.  One of the world's most famous theatre companies, RSC uses an Enterprise license. 

This allows technicians in Stratford-upon-Avon to connect to London and Newcastle locations. Issues can be quickly fixed and the company's employees can focus on what's essential. Which is, of course, what happens on stage.

The company also uses VNC Connect to provide support to employees touring overseas. Box office supervisors also use the software to monitor employees. That way, they can ensure the absolute best level of service. 

Last but not least, the electronic kiosks in the theatre's foyers are also maintained this way. This is essential; any interruption would affect customers collecting tickets.

Find out more on this great implementation of VNC Connect here.

VNC Connect in animation

But theatre is not the only place in the field of entertainment in which VNC Connect plays a leading role. One of the most important companies in animation has also implemented the software. With great results, we might add. 

Aardman Animations is a four-time Academy Award-winning company. The company has been working in model animation. This includes films such as Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit and Chicken Run. The company has also done TV series and commercials. 

Working in such a complex field requires, of course, constant support. The editing and animation studios work to very tight deadlines and downtime is not an option. This is why technical issues need solving as quick as possible. Also, the support team must perform configuration changes without desk-side visits.

Furthermore, the solution had to be a cross-platform one. This is because the Aardman Animations IT staff needs to support Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems. 

VNC Connect's cross-platform interoperability has allowed staff to support users, regardless of platform. Also very important was the peer-to-peer architecture. Thus, a central server would no longer be a necessity. 

Last but not least, the software's desktop scaling feature was very helpful. This is because various screen resolutions are being used throughout different production areas. 

Find out more about the way VNC Connect benefits the staff at Aardman Animations in our case study.

An entertaining future

These are just two examples of ways in which VNC Connect can help you if you're working in entertainment. However, you can take a look at more interesting use scenarios here.

The future will surely come with many more interesting examples. We'll be sure to report them here on the blog and in our website's Customer success stories section

In the meantime, though, if you're not a VNC Connect user, there's no better time to join in! We offer a 30-day free trial, so click the banner below to give the software a try! 

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Bogdan Bele

Written by Bogdan Bele