Remote access for efficient ATM management

RealVNC is helping financial institutions, service providers and software vendors to make real-time screen sharing part of their Smart ATM strategy. Our VNC SDK or VNC Connect software enables much greater management and control of your ATM estate, improving support center efficiency, reducing the number of on-site service calls and enhancing customer service.

Remote access sharing business benefits

  • Secure, centralized operating system upgrades
  • Efficient, remote ATM maintenance and service
  • Real-time, engaging customer support

You can learn more about the VNC Developer offering for the ATM industry by downloading any of the resources below.

VNC Developer remote access resources


Fintech Finance video interview with RealVNC

View the interview with Business Development Director, Matt Grant from the recent Self-Service Banking Europe 2017 event in London.



3 powerful value propositions for the ATM industry

1. Secure, centralized operating system upgrades

2. Efficient, remote ATM maintenance and service

3. Real-time, engaging customer support



How much can you save with VNC SDK?

Why not calculate it for yourself using our free online Business Value Calculator (BVC). The BVC allows you to enter your remote support and on-site service costs which creates a bespoke calculation for your business. The output from the BVC is a detailed multi-page report with a full breakdown of your cost savings over three years.

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Get in touch

If you have any questions about the use of VNC SDK in the ATM industry, please don’t hesitate to get in touch directly with Matt Grant, our Business Director for VNC Developer. Just fill in the following form.